Bachelor/Master Project: Software Engineering (WS 21/22)

The topic of this project is “Exercise management system ExClaim”.

Project 1: Collecting metrics about submitted program code

Program code uploaded to ExClaim shall be analyzed, collecting different metrics like lines of code, amount of comments, cyclomatic complexity, how speaking variable names are, etc. These metrics can then be compared for different submissions, creating a ranking per metric or one ranking combining multiple metrics.

Project 2: Interactive Proof Trees

Programming languages usually come with a formal semantics specifying the type and value of expressions. Given such a (big-step) semantics and an expression, we can combine the semantics rules to a proof tree to check for the type and resulting value of the expression. Goal of this project is to develop a tool providing a GUI to construct such proof trees. Designated users of this tool are students in our bachelor’s course “Grundlagen der Programmierung”, hence it must be tailored to a specific language and type of semantics rules. We do not want to build or use a general purpose theorem prover like Isabelle or Coq. The focus is on the graphical representation of proof trees and usability of the tool.

Module Information

  • Module: “Software Engineering (Project)” (Bachelor: 89-3045, Master: 89-3282), or the respective software engineering seminar in the old study regulations.
  • Credit Points: 8 CP (corresponds to 240 working hours)
  • Level: Bachelor and Master
  • Language: English
  • Lecturer: Ralf Hinze, Annette Bieniusa, Albert Schimpf


The project will take place during the lecture period of the winter term ’21/’22 (starting at 25.10.2021).

  • Kick-off meeting: TBA
  • The overall workload is 240 working hours (= 17 hours per week for 14 weeks during the semester).


Please register before October 18, 2021 via email with the subject ‘Registration SE Master Project’ with Albert Schimpf.

Please include the following information in your registration:

  1. Name
  2. Matriculation number
  3. Field of studies
  4. Some information on your skills, so that we can better plan the project:
    • List of courses that you attended at TU KL in the field of Software Engineering, Software Technology and/or Algorithms
    • Short description of your programming background (technologies, open-source projects, course work, etc. preferably with links to github repositories)

The number of places for the project is limited.


In the case of further questions, please contact: