Replication and Consistency


Instructor: Dr. Annette Bieniusa

Lecture: Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:30, Room 13-222(!)

Exercises: Exercises are every two weeks at the following times:

  • Monday 10:00 (Room 34-420 - limited space for 15 people!)
  • Tuesday 08:15 (Room 48-453)
Date Sheet
18./19.11. Exercise 1
02./03.12. Exercise 2
16./17.12. Exercise 3
Jan 2020 Obligatory Exercise
13./14.01. Exercise 4
27./28.01. Exercise 5

The lecture and course material will be in English.


  • Good programming knowledge in Java or C/C++

As this is a 4-CP lecture, you will spend on average around 120 hours on the lecture and the exercises, including exam preparation. If you do not have much experience with programming systems of medium size and moderate complexity, you need to plan to spend more time on the practical exercises. If you lack some of the theoretical prerequisites (definition of formal languages, finite-state machines, proof techniques), you should also include revisions for these topics into your planning.


  • Oral exams (Week of February 10, 2020)


You will be able to

  • understand and explain the underlying mechanisms of classical concurrent and replicated data structures,
  • explain and elaborate the limitations of non-blocking synchronization mechanisms, and
  • formally describe and compare standard memory and consistency models for concurrent systems.

Topics of the Lecture